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The Dragon Princess of Komodo

Lying 200 nautical miles east of Bali, Komodo National Park nestles between the large islands of Sumbawa and Flores, all of which are part of Indonesia’s Lesser Sunda Islands.  The native people of Komodo are called the Ata Modo, and the story of the Dragon Priness of Komodo is part of their traditional folklore.


Long, long ago, a mythical princess lived on Komodo, whom people called Putri Naga or Dragon Princess. She married a man named Najo and bore him twins: one was a baby boy, and the other a baby dragon. Her son, named Si Gerong, was raised amongst men; the dragon she called Orah, and reared it in the forest. Neither knew anything of the other …

Years later, manly Si Gerong shot a deer whilst hunting in the forest. But as he stepped forward to take this quarry, a large lizard appeared from the thicket and seized it hungrily. Si Gerong tried hard to chase the beast away, but in vain. It stood firm over the carcass, warning him off with bared teeth and hissing sound.


Si Gerong raised his spear to kill the lizard, when suddenly a radiantly lovely woman appeared: the Dragon Princess. Swiftly, she pared the foes, telling Si Gerong, “Dont kill the animal, she is your sister Orah. I bore you together, consider her your equal because you are “Sebai” (twins).”

From then on, the inhabitants of the island treated the Komodo’s with kindness. Old Komodo’s who could no longer fend for themselves were fed by their human “brothers”.

The name of the cave where the egg hatched is LOANG ATAWINI, “Woman’s Quarters”. It is situated on the Southern part of Komodo Island. It is also the place of the grave of Najo, the man who was the husband of the Dragon Princess. The tomb is sacred, and the Dragon Princes is supposed to be there at all times …