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Yacht charter in Langkawi

Only a few miles south of Phuket, Langkawi is a serene destination of 99 mostly uninhabited islands, with pristine beaches and lush rainforest-covered mountains, ideal for nature lovers. Hopping between islands one can visit lakes and caves, see long tailed macaques, the spectacular Langkawi sea eagles, hairy nosed sea otters, monitor lizards, kingfishers and the beautiful, but shy, spectacled languor.


The main island of Langkawi, with an international airport and 3 marinas, is an established yachting haven, and popular holiday destination. Langkawi’s duty free status makes it the ideal place for shopping and provisioning (especially on beers, wines and spirits!). Once provisioned, mnay yachts will then return to Phuket with their spoils!

From Langkawi one can sail north to the Koh Tarutao National Park – they are wild and largely uninhabited and offers some of the best diving in the region, as well as secluded beaches and coves that are great for exploring by kayak. On Koh Lipee there is a stunning anchorage with a crescent-shaped white sand beach, at night dotted with the candlelights of beach bars. From Langkawi one can also venture south to the island of Penang – a bustling & multicultural island that serves up a slice of Malaysia in one neat package.

Langkawi Highlights

Langkawi Geopark

The Langkawi Geopark is Malaysia’s first geopark. The various natural landscapes of Langkawi reflect the island’s geo diversity and its complex geological history. The amazing limestone formations at Pulau Dayang Bunting, and the north eastern part of Langkawi is 280 million years old and easily have some of the most beautiful and intriguing formations you’ve ever seen.

Langkawi Mangroves

Isolated stands of mangroves in Langkawi’s undisturbed inlets support many unique plants and animals. As you cruise down the calm, winding river, you will observe the wonders of the park’s marine ecosystem, you can see bizarre land-walking fish and fiddler crabs as well as vividly colored kingfishers, eagles and often otters and dolphins. Langkawi’s mangrove forests are indeed an enriching experience for everyone. It’ll make you appreciate nature a whole lot more.

Langkawi Cable Car

While in Langkawi one can take a ride on the award-winning Langkawi Cable Car to the peak of Mount Machinchang. Rising 713 meters high on the southwest coast of Langkawi island, the mountain is 550 million years old and therefore one of the oldest rock formations in Southeast Asia. The twenty minute journey in a four seater gondola over a distance of 2.2km takes you over verdant forest canopy, sandstone outcrops and spectacular cliffs. At the top, there is a stunning bridge between two mountain peaks, where you can enjoy a 360 panoramic view of the islands around Langkawi and over the Andaman Sea as far as the Koh Tarutao and Butang Islands of Thailand.

Langkawi Airshow

In addition to the natural wonders, Langkawi is also the venue for the Langkawi International Maritime and Aerospace exhibition (LIMA) and it has established itself as one of the major air shows in the world and its even in the world air shows calendar. Unlike other aerospace exhibition venues worldwide, which are usually held at urban airports, this event is held once every two years in Langkawi.

Ironman / Le Tour De Langkawi

Langkawi is also known for its international sporting events. The annual Ironman Triathlon held in February is growing in popularity. Over 700 athletes from around the world will compete in this grueling event, which features a 3.8 km swim followed by a 180 km bike race and then a 42 km marathon. Another event is Le Tour de Langkawi, which is an annual cycling race. Le Tour De Langkawi is a prestigious event, equivalent in status to some of the major cycling races in Europe.

Yacht Clubs / Marinas in Langkawi

Telaga Harbour Marina Langkawi

  • The Telaga Harbour Park is a beautiful yachting marina that was developed by the Langkawi Development Authority. Initially the area was a fishing village, but was later transformed into a prime tourist attraction. To be found on the southwest coast of Langkawi in Pantai Kok, the marina was built to promote the island as a major sailing destination. This beautifully-landscaped harbor is designed like the French Riviera.
  • Yacht Capacity: The capacity of the yacht is for 128 boats. Though relatively small in terms of berthing capacity, the resort’s marina makes its name as the port Star Cruises vessels.
  • Facilities and activities include well-appointed rooms, food and beverage outlets and bowling alleys.

Royal Langkawi Yacht Club

  • Royal Langkawi Yacht Club, a world-class berth marina is situated on the south-east corner of Langkawi island, besides being a meeting place for yachts and boat owners. This club offers sailing enthusiasts a place to rest and relax. You could indulge in the other water-based sports such as deep-sea fishing, scuba-diving and speedboating.
  • The Marina’s provides protection for 205 vessels.
  • Other facilities like provisions shop, bars and restaurant are also available. You can dine in at Captain’s Deck, also known as one of the best alternative dining out venue.

The Rebak Marina Resort

  • The Rebak Marina Resort, Langkawi is on the private 390 acre Rebak Island, to the west of Langkawi Island. Its lagoon shaped yacht filled marina overlooks the Straits of Malacca and borders the Andaman Sea. A slightly isolated resort, ideal for escaping hectic life styles. Stroll along its breezy boardwalk and discover the beauty of the sunset on the horizon of nearby islands.
  • The Rebak Marina Resort provides 70 dry berth with 24-hours security.
  • You can enjoy yourself at the Marina Café, Marina bar and Lounge, play pool and sing in the Karaoke Lounge.

Awana Porto Malai Langkawi

  • Awana Porto Malai Langkawi is your true wonderland giving you total pleasure in Jet-skiing, canoeing, sailing, wind surfing, island hopping, water-skiing or just bask in the sun on an island with white sand and clear water. You can leave behind the rig ours of city life and rejuvenate in a Mediterranean-inspired resort on the mystical island.
  • The marina currently has 14 births supplied with electricity, water and fuel.
  • Awana Porto Malai Resort, Langkawi provides a host of leisure facilities and activities. Enjoy a variety of Asian and international delicacies with a view overlooking the Straits of Malacca at Seagull Coffee House. Revitalize your mind and refresh your body in the Spa. Souvenir shops selling duty free item are located along the broad walk.

Langkawi Day & Sunset Cruises

Set sail on an unforgettable day or evening sail cruise in Langkawi with the classic yacht Raja Laut. Day or sunset trips traveling to or around nearby islands can accommodate small or large groups (up to 70 passengers).

Relax and enjoy smooth sailing, or hoist a head sail, take the helm, tighten a sheet, and help us sail! We will stop off in nearby islands for swimming, snorkeling, waterskiing or fishing. A buffet lunch and drinks will be served aboard or if you prefer barbecue may be set up on the beach . The spaciousness and comfort of Raja Laut’s deck means that you can relax in the shade or sunbathe, watch dolphins ride the bow wave from the bowsprit and enjoy stunning scenery. At sunset cold drinks and delicious snacks are served in tranquil surroundings. Our friendly crew will make you feel at home and ensure that your day will be one of the most pleasurable of your holiday.

Raja Laut day & sunset cruises can be organised in Langkawi / Malaysia for:
* Company events
* Weddings
* Regatta viewing
* And many other special events

Langkawi Day Cruise: Sample Itinerary

Depart from the Royal Langkawi Yacht Club at 9am and head for the Kilim River where the diversity of its habitats makes it the ideal destination for a day exploring, relaxing and enjoying its unique wildlife and breathtaking scenery, ideal for yacht charter. En route guests can fish, relax with a drink or help Raja Laut’s crew to raise our sails. At Kilim guests are free to explore many of the hidden lakes and caves by kayak or speedboat, to see long tailed macaques, the spectacular Langkawi sea eagles, the rare hairy nosed sea otters, monitor lizards, kingfishers and the beautiful, but shy, spectacled languor. Lunch will be served onboard, or by prior request we can setup a BBQ on a beautiful private beach. After lunch guests can continue swimming and exploring, or enjoy some sun bathing time on our sundeck cushions and deck chairs, then relax with a drink as the sunsets before returning to Royal Langkawi Yacht Club in time for supper…

Day Cruise Additional Options:
* Air-conditioned hotel transfers
* Welcome cocktail and floral lei
* Live Musical Entertainment

Langkawi Sunset Cruise: Sample Itinerary

Enjoy Langkawi’s inspiring sunsets amidst the luxury of the service and surroundings onboard Raja Laut. As we depart from the marina sumptuous finger food and an array of drinks will be served. We set anchor in a private bay and guests can swim, use our kayaks or just relax in the charm of Raja Laut’s rich timber surroundings. Raja Laut is a large, wooden gaff-rigged schooner and is ideal for large parties. Our sundeck cushions, director’s chairs and deck chairs provide the perfect to relax for a beautiful sunset. Our guests can arrange to have dinner served onboard or perhaps just appetizers before returning to the marina for dinner.

Sunset Cruise Additional Options:
* Air-conditioned hotel transfers
* Welcome cocktail and floral lei
* Live Musical Entertainment