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TOP 10 Surf Breaks in Southeast Asia

Surfing is still new in Southeast Asia and large swathes of the region still lie uncovered by surfing gurus. The great thing about surfing in Southeast Asia is the warm waters, good weather and the prices. Here is a list of Southeast Asia’s best 10 surf spots:

Top 10 Surfing in Asia


When one thinks about Bali, often the word “paradise” comes to mind. Well, it is the case for surfers as the Indonesian island is a great surfing destination. Generally, Bali, drawing surfers from all over the world, is THE starting point for the surfing adventure in Indonesia. It is often said that Indonesian surf has been discovered in Bali by Australian surfers in the late 1960s. Well, it is wrong. Surf in Bali – hence in Indonesia – has been introduced to people at large by the American Robert Koke, at the now (in)famous Kuta Beach. Now very prized by ( Australian ) tourists and locals, the surfing spots in Kuta are: Padma, Blue Ocean, Kuta Reef Bali comprises at least 20 top quality breaks on the southeast and southwest coasts (Canggu, Pererenan, Medewi…) and around the Bukit ( “Hill” in Bahasa Indonesia ), where you can catch either frightening and intimidating waves (The famous Padang Padang, or Uluwatu) or simply fun waves, your choice. The islands Nusa Lembongan, Nusa Penida and Nusa Ceningan are all part of Bali but yet, are of a very different style. On Nusa Lembongan you will find good waves, and amongst them three primary surf spots that stand out from the ordinary: Lacerations, Shipwreck and Playgrounds.

West Java

West Java is known for its wild waves and its share of excellent surfing spots. These spots can be found on both land and offshore island, with maybe a preference for small offshore islands ( Panaitan Island for instance ) who provide relatively uncrowded waves. Ombak Tujuh is the biggest waves spot (up to 5 meters) and is accessible by boat. Great thrill guaranteed

Nias & Hinako

t is a paradisiacal place known for its turquoise waters and, above all, for being a great surf destination. As a matter of fact, one of the main source of income of the locals is seasoning surf. It is an internationally known surfing spot renowned for its world class waves, the most popular site being Lagundri Bay. The crowd in this area is now divided as two new excellent surfing spots has been discovered on Hinako Islands. Overall, every surf spot in this Sumatra area is totally worth it, even though they are not that easily accessible.


Famous surfing spot since the early 90s, Mentawai is a chain of islands located off the western coast of Sumatra, Indonesia. The islands are remote jewels whose surf can be summed up in one word: consistent. Indeed, thanks to the power of the southern Indian Ocean, Mentawai islands are blessed with mythic consistent waves.

West Sumbawa

The Indonesian island offers a high concentration of consistent and quality waves. The three primary and most popular surfing spots are the accessible Scar Reef, Super Suck and Yo-Yo’s. Fast waves, coasts not so crowded, other islands to explore…: all the conditions are reunited for West Sumbawa to be an ideal surf destination.


Often compared to Bali, Lombok is in fact very different. The Lombok culture and lifestyle will stun you. Surf-wise, most of the waves are categorized “fun” but do not hesitate to get off the beaten track to discover marvelous and breathtaking waves. For the most adventurous, it is totally worthy and an excellent reward not to stick only to Bali and to take a trip further to Lombok.


This group of coral islands in the Indian Ocean has the same surfing season (March to October) and the same type of surfing than Indonesia: fun in the most crowded places and impressive and unforgettable if you dare to venture a bit further. The three surfing points not to be missed are Jailbreaks, Honky’s and Sultans.


Timor is an island located east of Bali, in the sea of the same name. The potential in its surfing zones is really high: From right tubes to left barreling, you will find some excellent uncrowded spots like you have never seen before.


Sumba is a small island part of the Lesser Sunda Islands, just like its sisters Komodo, Flores and Alor. This island is not so much the place to begin for non experienced surfers. The waves are quite hectic and often, they are either flat or big (they start from 3 meters). The good surf is difficult to get but once you have it, you will not want to leave.


From February to May, the Andaman Islands ( in the Eastern Indian Ocean ) offers good surf. Mostly known for their diving and snorkeling, the Andaman Islands will delight you with its calm and almost desert beaches. The most popular spot would be Little Andaman.