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Pearls of the Mergui Archipelago

While Myanmar is famous for ruby, sapphire and jade, pearling has quietly been a traditional activity in the Mergui Archipelago for centuries. Among the 800 coral fringed islands and beaches of the Mergui exist some of the most sought after gems in the world – golden pearls..


Referred to by the locals as “tears of the ocean”, in general Mergui pearls are said to be warmer in colour tone than South Sea cultured pearls.  However, it is the Mergui’s rare golden pearls that are perhaps the finest of their kind. In March 2013, at a Hong Kong auction, these pearls sold for record prices. One 19mm pearl, known as the “New Dawn of Myanmar”, was sold for USD 40,000.

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Underwater Photography Trips

Enrich your experience aboard the schooner Raja Laut with an underwater photography trip led by Eric Madeja, author of The Coral Triangle.

Eric Madeja Photography
Eric Madeja Photography


Sooner of later almost every scuba diver gets interested in taking underwater photos and videos. It’s just a natural desire to capture these thrilling moments when we get engulfed by a myriad of reef fish, encounter a rare marine critter, or get eye to eye with a majestic manta ray. For exactly that reason you definitely will enjoy our liveaboard expeditions with full-time professional underwater photographer and film-maker Eric Madeja. You don’t have to worry if you are new to underwater photography or videography, Eric will teach you all the basics and for so you will know how to shoot stunning images within just a few days.

For more seasoned image makers, the daily exchange of practical knowledge with other photographers and Eric’s experience of over more than a decade working in the industry will surely result in a very productive and enjoyable dive trip. We even can tailor the expedition to your personal photography skills and underwater camera equipment and adjust it accordingly as you progress resulting in an underwater photo and video “workshop” which is not work at all… simply more fun with an educational value!


Scuba Diving with Raja Laut

From Myanmar’s Mergui Archipelago in the northwest to Indonesia in the southeast, with Malaysia and the Philippines in between, Southeast Asia is a scuba diving paradise.   Raja Laut is fully equipped for scuba diving, with compressor, tanks, and semi-rigid inflatable tender (RIB). Onboard we also have 8 complete sets of scuba equipment for your use (wetsuit, bcd, fins, mask, snorkel, weightbelt, etc.). When you choose scuba diving as part of a yacht charter journey we ensure that
your dives are guided by an experienced professional. If you are a certified diver please bring your license and log book. If you are not yet certified, our dive instructor will be able to introduce you to scuba diving via the “Discover Scuba” course.

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