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Raja Laut – Our 10 Year Anniversary

Raja Laut 10 Years

What makes boats and sea going so magical and addictive? We will probably never find the reason nor the antidote. We only know that seventy percent of the earth is ocean, and that this vast expanse of blue seems to have a magnetic attraction on humankind. Try standing at the edge of land and stare out to sea – check the horizon – you might feel that “pulling” inside your mind and soul. It could be the “ocean’s call”, and Raja Laut was probably created to answer it. Our’s is a blue planet after all.

Over the last decade we have had the pleasure of seeking out-of-the-ordinary experiences, whether it’s meeting the Moken sea gypsies in Burma’s Mergui archipelago, or watching descendants of the Konjo shipwrights craft hulls on the beach as their ancestors have done for years in Sulawesi. We have felt the presence of history, of the schooner and the spice trade. We have discovered that probably several lifetimes are not enough to explore all the places we want to see!

More than anything, we have understood that the experience of Raja Laut has always been about the emotion of the voyage, the connection of the people aboard, who come to sail together and make unforgettable memories…

Our Schedule – Winter 2015/2016

Following her recent refit, Raja Laut now returns to Myanmar’s Mergui Archipelago, just 120 miles from Phuket, in the northern part of the Andaman Sea. We will be based in this region from October 2015 to April 2016.

With 1000’s of islands, extraordinary beaches, coral reefs, turquiose lagoons, lush jungles and amazing local cultures, each day presents new ways to explore, to experience, and to make unforgettable memories.

Contact us for the latest availability and for more information on the classic schooner.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Fair winds,

Team Raja Laut



Cruising Schedule 2013

Winter: The Andaman Sea

One of the prime cruising destinations of the world, the Andaman Sea (featuring Langkawi, Phuket, Mergui and more) is renowned for its sheer beauty, bio diversity, and perfect weather conditions during the dry season. There are several distinct areas offering everything a tropical cruise could offer.


Beaches fringed with swaying palm trees that face the azure seas, set against the backdrop of a beautiful mountainous rainforest. Natural splendor and beauty.


The area is notable for its breathtaking geography with spectacular limestone mountains rising vertically from sea, hidden turquoise lagoons and idyllic beaches.


A deserved reputation for the best diving in Thailand. Whale sharks, Manta rays and Leopard sharks are common sightings in a dramatic boulder-covered underwater world.


An archipelago of 800 virtually uninhabited islands, with dense rainforests, white sand beaches and perfect natural bays, and the allure of scuba diving many top class dive sites.


The paragon of remote, pristine beauty, with deserted white sand beaches and virgin jungles, the Andamans are also a diver’s paradise characterized by stunning underwater visibility, an abundance of fish and corals.

Summer: Borneo & Palawan

If one were to draw a triangle over East Asia, Borneo and Palawan are set right in the middle of that triangle.  Together they make up one of the most beautiful and bio-diverse lands in the world.


The northern tip of Borneo is known as the “Land Below the Wind”. This lush corner of the world is bounded by 3 seas: the South China Sea, the Sulu Sea, and the Celebes Sea. Here you will find tropical islands, including coral atolls and oceanic islands, pristine beaches, crystal clear waters, giant rivers, dense tropical jungle, high mountains, and an abundance of nature & wildlife.


Palawan is made up of 1,768 islands with some of the most beautiful seascapes in the world. Beneath the seas are nearly 11,000 square kilometers of coral reefs.

Natural Highlights of a 6 year Odyssey

With Earth Day coming up on the 22nd of April, we’re taking time to reflect on the natural highlights of our six year odyssey across Southeast Asia.

Earth Day is intended to inspire humans to appreciate our natural environment. And nature certainly deserves appreciation since we depend on it for our survival. We depend on nature and we love it!

When we study the mushrooming towns, cities and roads, we look around and everywhere we see eyesores. On the other hand, when we look an untouched natural landscape (a forest, a million year old mountain range, a blanket of stars over an endless blue ocean, or a palm fringed beach touched by sunrise) what we see inspires happiness. This is reason enough to preserve nature and we must focus our efforts strongly in this direction.

In the 6 years since Raja Laut set sail we have crossed many seas, and seen a great deal of natural beauty. What were the highlights? Here are our 3 personal favourites:

The Komodo National Park

All of it – east to west, south to north, below and above water.  Savanna landscapes, contrast with aquamarine blue and sunsets that make unbelievable colour combinations, scuba diving sites that set the pulse racing, and the Komodo Dragon – a giant reptile that grows to 3 meters and feeds itself with carrion, birds and other mammals such as pigs or deers.

Seascapes of the Raja Ampat

In English, Raja Ampat means Four kings. Maybe it is a predestined name, because the Raja Ampat archipelago is truly majestic. The archipelago encompasses more than 1500 islands, the four main islands (hence the four kings ) being Misool, Salawati, Batanta and Waigeo.  Above water landscapes describe paradise, and below water seacapes are the most bio-diverse in the world.


Turtles in East Borneo

The nutrient rich water flowing through the Sulu-Sulawesi seas on the east coast of Borneo attract turtles in great numbers.  So much so that when you dive in Sidapan they’re swimming across, above, and below you so you’re almost bumping into them. Just below the scary drop off which plunges down 500m is the eerie Turtle tomb discovered by Jacques Cousteau.  On nearby Sangalaki island I was lucky enough to see turtles laying eggs on the island and even seeing turtles eggs hatching and little turtles running down the beach at night.  This was a magical experience.

September Update

For the “winter season” holidays Raja Laut will be in the idyllic islands of Indonesia and the South Pacific! Raja Ampat near West Papua, the “Spice Islands” of Indonesia, and the South Pacific archipelago of Palau. If there was a benchmark for pure, undiluted, eco-paradise cruising this would be it.

West Papua

West Papua, Raja Ampat, Triton Bay, Agat. Names that are making people dream. Dreaming of lushness, remote hidden bays, tropical seas and reefs teaming with life, thickly-jungle covered islands, and fascinating Papuan tribes. The area between Raja Ampat, Triton Bay and Agat is magnificent and casts a spell on all who visit. Scientists, photographers, divers. This majestic area is as stunningly beautiful above water as it is below with rare and exquisite creatures in abundance..


Maluku, also known as the Moluccas or the Spice Islands. Banda, Ambon, Halmahera, Ternate, Tidore: all these names latterly synomymous with the history of the spice trade, but today with a mind-blowing sense of adventure, and scuba exploration. Above water are 1000s of islands: remote, pristine, and spiritually uplifting, Maluku is the fascinating transition zone between the Asian and Australian fauna and flora, and also between the Malay-based cultures of western Indonesia and those of Melanesia..


The islands and beaches of the Palau archipelago are stunning, and most tourists who come here like to spend their time underwater, for Palau is among the world’s most spectacular diving and snorkelling destinations. It features coral reefs, blue holes, wartime wrecks, hidden caves and tunnels, more than 60 vertical drop-offs to play with, and an astonishing spectrum of coral, fish, and rare sea creatures..