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Komodo Voyage 2016

Komodo is one of the 7 Wonders of Nature
Komodo is one of the 7 Wonders of Nature

One of the 7 Wonders of Nature, as voted by travellers, the Komodo National Park is one of the most inspiring place we have ever been to, both under and above the water.

Discovery Channel had a slogan back in the noughties:  “The World. Is. Just. Awesome.”  This phrase really sums up our feelings when we think of Indonesia’s Komodo National Park.   To reach Komodo we sail east from Bali across the imaginary ‘Wallace line’, where the flora and fauna of subtropical Asia make a sudden and dramatic change into those typical of Australasia.

Few places in the world could possibly match the cultural and natural diversity we will experience in the islands beyond Bali: towering volcanoes, dry savannah landscapes, quiet coastal villages, emerald seas, and megalithic cultures.  It was Burden’s 1932 voyage through this volcanic landscape that inspired the 1933 classic film King Kong..

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Raja Laut – Our 10 Year Anniversary

Raja Laut 10 Years

What makes boats and sea going so magical and addictive? We will probably never find the reason nor the antidote. We only know that seventy percent of the earth is ocean, and that this vast expanse of blue seems to have a magnetic attraction on humankind. Try standing at the edge of land and stare out to sea – check the horizon – you might feel that “pulling” inside your mind and soul. It could be the “ocean’s call”, and Raja Laut was probably created to answer it. Our’s is a blue planet after all.

Over the last decade we have had the pleasure of seeking out-of-the-ordinary experiences, whether it’s meeting the Moken sea gypsies in Burma’s Mergui archipelago, or watching descendants of the Konjo shipwrights craft hulls on the beach as their ancestors have done for years in Sulawesi. We have felt the presence of history, of the schooner and the spice trade. We have discovered that probably several lifetimes are not enough to explore all the places we want to see!

More than anything, we have understood that the experience of Raja Laut has always been about the emotion of the voyage, the connection of the people aboard, who come to sail together and make unforgettable memories…

Bali Day & Sunset Charters


Bali Sunset Cruise

There are few better ways to spend an evening in a tropical paradise than aboard Raja Laut. We depart at 5.30pm and a sumptuous buffet and drinks awaits. As the sun goes down take in the beauty of the harbour, the refreshing night air and relax and enjoy the sunset and scenery into the evening before returning at 9.30pm.

Bali Day Cruise

Departing at 9am this day charter sets sail for the peaceful Lembongan Bay. En route guests can fish, relax with a drink or help Raja Laut’s crew to raise our sails by traditional methods rarely used today. Before lunch guests are free to explore the beaches and coral reefs. On board we have 2 kayaks, water skis and a wakeboard as well as a small banana boat for the children. A buffet lunch is served onboard, or indulge in a BBQ on a beautiful private beach. After a buffet lunch served on board guests can enjoy a drink whilst sun bathing on our sundeck, swim and test your bravery by diving from many of the diving spots on our boat, or explore the bay. As we up our anchor relax with a drink before returning before sunset.

Yacht Charter in Bali

Regularly voted the world’s best island, Bali, is the ideal starting point for your yacht charter holiday to Komodo National Park.


Despite its popularity, Bali retains its magical charm, cultural richness, and breathtaking beauty. Its exotic status began in the early 20th century when it was discovered by artists and became the backdrop for their creativity. Bali’s ominous volcanoes, terraced rice fields, gold sand beaches and flashes of cultural color make it an inviting place for any yacht charter adventure departing to Nusa Tenggara and the Komodo National Park.

Starting from Bali you can charter a yacht and sail across the imaginary Wallace line to the Komodo National Park and beyond, where the flora and fauna of subtropical Asia make a sudden and dramatic change into those typical of Australasia. In the islands of Nusa Tenggara (also known as the Lesser Sunda Islands) a fantastic diversity awaits the adventurous: climbing mountains, peering into volcanoes, trekking up to beautiful waterfalls, visiting rural villages, enjoying world-class surfing or scuba diving, exploring pristine beaches, or simply relaxing aboard the yacht while anchored in idyllic bays.

A yacht charter holiday here will show you that Indonesia’s cultural diversity is as varied as its natural diversity. Bali itself is a Hindu island with 1000’s of temples, and offers luscious green landscapes, terraced fields of Padi, and mountainous retreats that serve as a relaxing alternative to the buzzing parties found in and around Kuta, Legian and Seminyak. The neighbouring island of Lombok, on the other hand, is a muslim island with 1000’s of mosques and where shades of green turn to shades of brown and vast landscapes open up.

Sailing Weather in Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia is a year-round yacht charter destination. The weather hovers around the 30°C mark throughout the year, and in some cruising areas there are distinct dry seasons when there is very little rain and generally excellent conditions for a yacht charter holiday.

On a macro level there are 2 main seasons when trade winds are either predominantly from the Northeast (NE Monsoon) or from the Southwest (SW Monsoon). However, individual cruising regions have different weather. Please see below for more details.

Andaman Sea Weather (Mergui, Phuket, Langkawi)

The best time for a yacht charter in Phuket and the Andaman Sea region is during the dry season, between December and April. The region has a moderate temperature all through the year within the range of 23°C to 31°C. It has a tropical climate. There are no severe climate conditions except for tropical storms and rains in late summers and monsoons. The monsoons (May to August) and post-monsoons (September to November) are accompanied by medium to heavy rain falls.


Komodo & Flores Weather (Lesser Sunda Region)

The area due east from Bali is the Komodo – Flores region and is best visited by yacht between the months of April and October. In general Indonesia has two yearly seasons of monsoon winds: the southeast monsoon (dry) and the northwest monsoon (rain). The dry season usually runs from the end of April to the end of September and the rainy season from November to March. The exception to this pattern is the Raja Ampat/Banda region where seasons are reversed (more rain falls between May and September).

Bali’s weather follows the normal Indonesian pattern of a dry season from May to September and a rainy season from November to March. Bali weather is typical of the tropics, where the sun rises around 6am and sets at 6pm most of the year. In general temperatures vary between 25°C and 30°C, and the humidity between 65% and 85%.

Komodo National Park has the driest climates of Indonesia. Komodo National Park has little or no rainfall for approximately 7 months of the year (between April and October). Most of the annual rainfall of between 800mm and 1000mm will come between the months of November to March. Mean daily temperatures in the dry season from May to October are around 30°C.

In Komodo the highest annual temperature in the park is 43 °C, the minimum is 17 °C. November is the hottest month of the year. The highest humidity is in February at 86%. The lowest humidity is in October at 75%.


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