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Raja Laut – Our 10 Year Anniversary

Raja Laut 10 Years

What makes boats and sea going so magical and addictive? We will probably never find the reason nor the antidote. We only know that seventy percent of the earth is ocean, and that this vast expanse of blue seems to have a magnetic attraction on humankind. Try standing at the edge of land and stare out to sea – check the horizon – you might feel that “pulling” inside your mind and soul. It could be the “ocean’s call”, and Raja Laut was probably created to answer it. Our’s is a blue planet after all.

Over the last decade we have had the pleasure of seeking out-of-the-ordinary experiences, whether it’s meeting the Moken sea gypsies in Burma’s Mergui archipelago, or watching descendants of the Konjo shipwrights craft hulls on the beach as their ancestors have done for years in Sulawesi. We have felt the presence of history, of the schooner and the spice trade. We have discovered that probably several lifetimes are not enough to explore all the places we want to see!

More than anything, we have understood that the experience of Raja Laut has always been about the emotion of the voyage, the connection of the people aboard, who come to sail together and make unforgettable memories…

Wedding and Honeymoon Yacht Charter Langkawi

Can you imagine a more perfect way to start “The rest of your life” together than to be pampered on your own private yacht while cruising beautiful and crystal clear waters? Contact us for more information about wedding and honeymoon yacht charter packages.


Wedding Yacht Charter Langkawi

A wedding aboard a yacht is incredibly romantic, unique and memorable. Raja Laut yacht charter management works with professionals that know how to make magnificent things happen. Together with the yacht Raja Laut our wedding coordinators specifically tailor your ideal experience aboard our luxurious yacht..

Honeymoon Yacht Charter Langkawi

Your honeymoon should be more than just a vacation. It should be a relaxing experience for you and your new partner to unwind after the months of hectic planning for your recent wedding. A place where you will be served gourmet menus for every meal of the day; where you will enjoy new sights every day; where you will walk on white sandy beaches and swim in crystal clear water; and where you are in control of the pace of the day.