Burma’s Untouched Paradise

November to April is the the best time of the year for a yacht charter vacation in Myanmar’s Mergui Archipelago. Very few places on earth can boast of an archipelago of 800 almost completely deserted tropical islands. It sounds too good to be true but that vision is a reality in the Mergui Archipelago, an ensemble of pristine islands located a mere 120 km north of Phuket, on the Andaman Sea.

For almost 50 years following independence, the Mergui Islands have been off limits to the outside world, frozen in time due to the Burmese government’s isolationist policies. As an indirect result the place was handed back to the indigenous Moken, a people of Sea Gypsies who had been living a nomadic sea dwelling lifestyle there for centuries.

The Mergui islands feature very pure white­sand beaches, surrounded by turquoise water and coral reefs, with a diverse range of landscapes and ecologies ­ jungle­covered mountains, karstic lagoons, rivers and mangroves. In the Mergui, the only human footprints in sight are the ones behind you. Time will slow as you get closer to nature, with every day bringing a succession of simple pleasures, leaving an intense feeling of tranquility. Welcome to Burma’s maritime paradise, or “lost world” as it’s sometimes called.

Mergui Highlights

  • Deserted islands
  • Pure white sand beaches
  • Encounters with Moken Sea Gypsies
  • Snorkelling and diving over coral reefs
  • Kayaking in lagoons and mangroves
  • Hiking in virgin jungle

Itinerary & Activities

  • Snorkeling, Kayaking, Beach Combing
  • Waterski, Wakeboard, and Banana Boat
  • Mangrove & River Explorations
  • Visiting Villages
  • Fishing
  • Trekking
  • Scuba Diving

Meeting the Moken

When sailing in the Merguis, you will enter a Moken territory, although land possession may never have existed in their ancestral nomadic culture. The Moken or “Salon” are part the “Sea Gyspies” group, a people of sea dwelling nomads found all across SE Asia. They have recently been forced to abandon their traditional way of life to resettle into a few villages, but remain indifferent to visiting yachts and will ignore us most of the time. However, some may approach our boat with a gift like fish or lobsters, and would expect we give something in return.

Mergui Facts

  • Mergui has over 800 islands some of which remain unchartered
  • Less than 2000 foreigners visit the Mergui each year
  • Sailing and guiding permits are compulsory to enter the Mergui
  • The Moken believe the islands were detached from the mainland after a great flood.

Getting Here

The gateway to the Mergui Archipelago is from the port of Kawthaung (Burma), right on the border from the port of Ranong (Thailand).

There are 3 easy travel options to reach the Mergui Archipelago:

  1. Fly from Yangon to Kawthaung
  2. Fly from Bangkok to Ranong
  3. Drive from Phuket to Ranong

You will only need to organize your flights and we will meet you at the airport on arrival and take care of the transfers to the Raja Laut, and of course, the same upon departure.

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